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R brunonii R centifolia R chinesis R newmanii R roxburghii
R rugosa alba Agapantha Brigmansia Datula Fatsia Japonica Juglans Walnut
Liliumregale Lunaria Honesty Magnolia Grandiflora (Pen) Magnolia Grandiflora Palisaurus perticaria
Strawberry Tree Tree Peonia Tree Tomato White Foxgloves Catalper Tree and Blossoms
Tulip Tree with Bud Tulip Tree with Flowers 3 Stages of Peony Tulips Two Lots of Tulips
White Hosta Blue Bowl
About The Artist:
Dr Shirley Gumpel had a long career as a Consultant Paediatric Audiological Physcian, in London and at St Marys Hospital W2. On retirement from Medicine in 2001, she studied Botanical Art, with Ann Marie Evans at the Chelsea Physic Garden London S.W.1. On completion of the course in 2003, she won a Distinction for a set of paintings representing the Reproductive System of six plant families.

Shirley has exhibited, at the Royal Horticultural Society in 2004. 2005, & 2008 , obtaining a silver-gilt, or silver medal, on each occasion. She has exhibited at the Mall Galleries, and with the Royal society of Medicine, and is a member of the Hampton Court Florilegium.

In 2007 Shirley was invited to give a solo exhibition, 26 works, at The Street Gallery U.C.H.L, and has been invited to return again in April 2010.


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