Jeanette Cayley - Gallery

Cornish Shore (acrylic) Geese (watercolour) Iffley Mathematical Bridge (pencil) Jack Russell (oil) Minster Lovell Old Swan (watercolour)
Mother and Child (terracotta) Stravinsky Quality Control (illustration) Sunflower (oil) The Hare (wood engraving) The Owl and the Pussycat (illustration)
About The Artist:
Jeanette Cayley is the current Honorary Secretary of the Medical Art Society. With a natural bent towards line drawing and influenced by her tutor at Plymouth College of Art, she worked as an illustrator and cartoonist alongside her medical career. Since retirement she has attended courses in other techniques, becoming especially interested in wood engraving, and modelling in clay and wax for casting. She also lectures on various themes in the arts and science, for example the role of the visual image in medicine.


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