Members' Showcase

Showcase of members' work

The members of the MAS create many and varied works of art, and here we present a selection of their works. Click on a thumbnail image to view a larger version, which also allows you to scroll backwards and forwards through the larger images.

Gallery  This symbol next to a member's name indicates that they have their own individual gallery featuring more of their works plus additional information. Click on the symbol or on the member's name to view their gallery.
Showcase  Jeanette Cayley
Free Range by Jeanette Cayley Oxfordshire Pig by Jeanette Cayley
Showcase  Helen Sutton
Only Connect ..... by Helen Sutton Departure by Helen Sutton
Showcase  Grace McKee
Red Rock State Park by Grace McKee Reflections by Grace McKee
Sally Joyston-Bechal
Peace by Sally Joyston-Bechal Venus 2 by Sally Joyston-Bechal
Aruna Mene
Tree of Life (fabric collage) by Aruna Mene Tulips From My Garden (fabric collage) by Aruna Mene
Reginald Howard
Richmond Bridge by Reginald Howard The Party by Reginald Howard
Eliakim Mizrahi
Athlete by Eliakim Mizrahi Blessing by Eliakim Mizrahi
Showcase  Shirley Gumpel
Agapantha by Shirley Gumpel R rugosa alba by Shirley Gumpel
Showcase  Peter Whitehead
'Iberia anchored with Suecia and Olsen cargo ship at Tilbury' by Peter Whitehead 'Silja Dan and other shipping at Blue Boar Rochester' by Peter Whitehead
Henrietta Bud
Father and Son by Henrietta Bud Mother and Child by Henrietta Bud
Olufadeke Dina
Untitled by Olufadeke Dina Untitled by Olufadeke Dina
Matthew Clark
Sunset dreamer (bone carving) by Matthew Clark Pachamama / Papa-tu-a-nuku (soapstone carving) by Matthew Clark
Jo Talbot Bowen
'Vineyard Patchwork' by Jo Talbot Bowen 'Migration Landings' by Jo Talbot Bowen
Hazel Hamilton
Robin (watercolour) by Hazel Hamilton Portrait (charcoal) by Hazel Hamilton
Showcase  Ann Whitehead
Poppies by Ann Whitehead Sunflowers by Ann Whitehead
Showcase  Jane Jackson
Denise by Jane Jackson Denise by Jane Jackson
John Powley
Dee Valley, Wales by John Powley Place Chateau Briand, St Malo by John Powley
Penny Elder
Stratas Connecting II by Penny Elder Interior-Exterior I by Penny Elder
Cathy Golden
CG41 Oil on Canvas by Cathy Golden CG76 OIl on Board by Cathy Golden
Nkolika Anyabolu
Bee Eater by Nkolika Anyabolu I See You, I Feel You by Nkolika Anyabolu

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