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Members Showcase Entries

If you are a member of MAS you are entitled to have two examples of your work on the Members Showcase page, completely free of charge. See the Image Requirements and Submission sections below for full details of sending your images. We would love to see examples of the work of many of our members in the showcase so please do send your images.

Your own Gallery Page

Any MAS member may also have their own personal Gallery page within the Members Showcase. This lets you show a lot more examples of your work and you can also supply a short 'biography' and contact details if you wish. The recommended number of images to have in your gallery is between 10 and 25 (max) but you may have fewer if you wish. Please note there is a one-off charge for having a personal gallery. The cost is £15 which includes the initial setting up of the gallery, adding it to the site and any future maintenance needed - e.g. adding and deleting images as required. Payment should be made directly to the webmaster,Laura Knight , details at bottom of page. Also see the Image Requirements and Submission sections below for full details of sending your images.

Image Requirements


The best way to send your images and details is via email to the webmaster, including the photos as attachments. Alternatively you can put the photos on a CD/DVD and send them by post with an accompanying letter. You may also send actual prints by post (please write the titles on the back). Don't forget the titles, and for personal gallery pages also send a short biography and the contact details you want to be displayed if you wish.

If you need help or advice with any of this please contact Laura Knight (webmaster), contact details below.

A link to your own web site:

If you have your own web site or have gallery/information pages hosted on another site you may add a link to your site/pages in the links section of the Member's Showcase page. This is free of charge. Just email the link directly to Laura Knight.

Advertise an exhibition:

If you have an upcoming exhibition that you would like to advertise in the Members' Exhibitions section of the events page please email full details to Laura Knight (webmaster).

Webmaster contact & payment info:

Laura Knight
Please email for further information

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