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67th Annual Exhibition 2011

2011 Annual Exhibition Slideshow
The Society's 67th Annual Exhibition was held once again in the Atrium of the Royal Society of Medicine from 18th to 23rd July. Although the exhibition was smaller than previously it was deemed a great success with the judges commenting on the overall high standard of the exhibits. In all, 48 2-dimensional and 14 3-dimensional works, plus 24 browsers, were exhibited.

The Baron's prize for 2-dimensional work was presented by Mary Jackson RWS NEAC to Prof. Peter Lavender for his semi-abstract work "Red Boat", and that for 3-dimensional work was presented by Tanya Russell ARBS to Dr Sally Joyston-Bechal for her alabaster "Venus". The Patron's prize was awarded by Tom Coates RBA RWS NEAC PPS to Dr Johnny Wakeham for his charcoal "Life Study". A new memorial prize was presented by Oliver Hugh-Jones, on behalf of the family of the late Dr Philip Hugh-Jones, to Dr Elizabeth James for her pastel landscape "Plockton, Scotland".

75th Anniversary Annual Exhibition 2010

2010 @ RSM Atrium
This was actually our 66th Annual Exhibition, but in 2010 we celebrated the Society's 75th anniversary. The exhibition took place in the Atrium of the Royal Society of Medicine from Monday 19 July to Saturday 23 July and was very well received. In all, 69 framed pictures were shown, 40 unframed and 20 three dimensional works.

Our Patron, Tom Coates, awarded his Patron's Prize to Ann Whitehead for her painting 'Orange Flowers'. Mr Charles Bone, PPRI selected 'Giants of Torridon' by Peter Whitehead for the Baron ver Heyden de Lancey prize for two dimensional work, and Ms Christie Symington awarded the Baron's prize for 3D work to Mr John Wolfe for 'Sarah'.

65th Annual Exhibition 2009

This was held in March and April at the Artshed, a very interesting gallery near Ware in Hertfordshire, and the first time the Exhibition has been held outside London. The Private View was held on March 19th. In all, 30 members and guests exhibited 73 pictures, 13 three-dimensional works and some browsers.

Lady Inge Borg-Scott presented The Baron's Prize for two-dimensional work to Elizabeth James for her pastel 'Fish Market' and to Pat Mortimer for a Turneresque acrylic. Mr John Farnham presented the Baron's Prize for three-dimensional work to Elizabeth Ferris for her bronze resin cockerel entitled 'Marchons!'. The Patron's Prize was presented to Dr Wiepko Terpstra for his witty porcelain pieces.

64th Annual Exhibition 2008

2008 @ The Mall Galleries
In 2008 the Exhibition was held in the Mall Galleries in London from February 11th to 16th with a very successful and well attended Private View on February 13th. In all, 60 members and temporary members showed their works. There were 154 paintings and drawings, 42 browsers and 18 sculptures/3D work.

Mr Tom Coates presented his Patron's Prize to John Powley for his watercolour 'Mers Le Bain', and Chris Weatherley for his etching. Etienne Miller presented the Baron's prize for sculpture to John Price for 'Heather' and Roger Dellar gave the Baron's prize for two-dimensional work to Pat McLaurin for her oil paintings, 'Sweet Peas' and 'The Lustre Pot'.

In 2008 the Annual Dinner was held in September at the Royal Society of Medicine rather than in conjunction with the Exhibition. It was preceded by an excellent lecture by Rebecca Drew on Bronzino's Allegory of Love.

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