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Ever since the Medical Art Society was founded in 1935 the most important event of the year has been the Annual Exhibition. This is open to Members and Temporary Members ( who are related to members and pay an extra fee to enter works).

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75th Annual Exhibition 2019

The exhibition was once again held in the Atrium, Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London W1G 0AE, and ran from Monday July 22 to Saturday July 27.

There was a notable absence at the Private View – our much-loved Patron Tom Coates and his wife Mary Jackson were unable to attend (for the first time ever) because Tom has had a stroke a month earlier. Happily he appeared to be making a good recovery, but progress is inevitably slow. Everyone present expressed heartfelt wishes that he would be restored to health quickly and able to take part in MAS activities. It was good to welcome Kirsi van Rijn-Nikkenen from our Dutch sister society Pincet en Penceel.

The Judges this year were Angela Franklin for the Baron's 2D prize and Patricia Barker for the Baron’'s 3D prize. Angela is a scientist and art lover who runs her own successful business Chameleon, concerned with medical and scientific research. Over the years she has come to recognise the importance of visual images to scientists and doctors, so has collaborated with Hampstead School of Art in encouraging art education for these groups. Patricia is well known to MAS members as a teacher of modelling from life in clay and wax. There were fewer pictures exhibited this year, only 47 framed works and 11 browsers – three fine artists have died and others for various reasons have been unable to submit works, but we are promised greater participation next year. Two of the late Peter Whitehead’s paintings were shown on a Wall of Honour. There were however, 14 sculptures and it was encouraging that the 3D Prize was awarded to a new member, Vladimir Filipovich, for "Levitating Sail", a work in wood with a metal resin finish. The 2D Prize went to Elizabeth James for her oil painting "Wild Oak Tree"

Levitating Sail Wild Oak Tree

There were five sales at the private view.


Isabel Langtry, the Principal of Hampstead School of Art was a guest of honour and kindly awarded a special prize of a free course worth £300 at Hampstead. This went to Jacqueline Francis-Lindo for her large monoprint "Cerebral". This has been a transitional year in which Hampstead School of Art have taken over many administrative aspects of the MAS membership, AGM and exhibition. We have been grateful to Isabel and her Director Anat Sherman for their help and support. Hampstead printed the catalogue this year, which had a cover illustration by Oliver Samuel.

The judges made many other commendations, with insightful comments. It was also a delight to once again have Eliakim Mizrahi show one of his silver pieces at the Private View. This year it was a sculpted silver hand bearing a quotation from the Book of Proverbs.

Book of Proverbs

After the Private View and judging, 29 members and guests attended the Annual Dinner. A visit to Italy had to be postponed this year, but a small group will be visiting Cambridge in September. Next year a painting holiday off the Croatian coast is planned.

74th Annual Exhibition 2018

Report on 2018 Medical Art Society Annual Exhibition

The 2018 exhibition was once again held in the atrium of the Royal Society of Medicine, with the busts of the Baron and Baroness ver Heyden de Lancey proudly displayed. It attracted entries of 65 framed pictures, 26 unframed ‘browsers’ and 14 sculptures. Eliakim Mizrahi also brought some of his beautiful silverware to show at the private view. We were pleased to welcome Kirsi van Rijn from our Dutch counterpart Pinet en Penceel.

The judges were both from Hampstead School of Art. Director Anat Sherman awarded the Baron’s Prize for two-dimensional work to Tin Tin San for her acrylic ‘Connection’ and Principal Isabel Langtry awarded the Baron’s Prize for three-dimensional work to John Wolfe for his bronze resin ‘Cockerel’ Patron Tom Coates was very taken with Anthea Bond’s 17th century medicinal jars, John Loveday’s child with dog and Feza Erkeller-Yuksel’s deserted barn. There were six sales.

The lively private view was followed by the annual dinner for 40 people.

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71st Annual Exhibition 2015

Trees Once again the exhibition was held in the Royal Society atrium, under the gaze of the bronze heads of the Baron and Baroness der Heyden de Lancey. Without their generous bequest we should not be able to afford to have this beautiful space for a week.

Seventy four pictures, 23 "browsers" and 9 three dimensional works were shown. There were 9 sales. The general quality of the exhibition seems to get better and better, and this one was the most varied and colourful in recent years. The Private View was lively, with representatives from the Royal College of General Practitioners attending. Seven members exhibited for the first time and two new members joined. The Private View was preceded by the AGM and followed by the Annual Dinner.

Terracotta Head The judges found it so hard to reach a decision that they each divided their respective prizes Judge Roger Dellar ROI RI PS gave the Baron's Prize for Two Dimensional work jointly to John Powley for his oil Southwold Harbour and to Feza Erkeller for her etching Black Cat. He commended Robin Souter's oil study of waves dashing on a rocky shore Droskyn Point and Anthea Bond's drawing Willows.

Dick Onians, carver in wood and stone, gave the Baron's Prize for Three Dimensional work jointly to Sally Joyston-Bechal for her Coil in plaster and to Johnny Wakeham for his terracotta Hampstead Head. He praised Michael Mars' ceramic Blue Carp and John Price's bronze Nursing Sister.

Breadth of vision was a feature of the prizes awarded by our generous patron Tom Coates. He chose Johnny Wakeham's life drawings (a remarkable achievement to be a prizewinner in both categories and an indication of Johnny's versatile skills) and the work of Pat Good, who never stops developing and exploring.

A special exhibit was made of the work of Mair Livingstone (1920 - 2015 ) winner of the first Baron's Prize for 3D work.

RSM Atrium Southwold Harbour Coil

70th Annual Exhibition 2014

Tom Coates and Mick Kirkbride This was once again held in the Atrium (beautifully sunlit), of the Royal Society of Medicine in Wimpole Street, London W1. There were 60 framed pictures, 13 three-dimensional works and 22 browsers. The Baron's Prize for 2D work was awarded by Mick Kirkbride of the New English Arts Club ( to Sushma Sabnis for her oil painting Divine Lake. The judge for 3D work was Briony Marshall, a young sculptor with an impressive CV. She has a science background and her work reflects her interest in chemistry and biology. See her website ( to find out about her residency and one-woman show at the Pangolin Gallery. Briony chose Michael Mars' Head of Leon Gerlis in bronze with a green patina. Our patron Tom Coates again most generously chose his own favourite for a prize, Irises by young doctor Ni Yi. He also had a soft spot (didn't we all?) for John Loveday's young card players in Top Trumps. A nice observation is that all three prizewinners have joined within the past three years.

It is thanks to the bequest of Baron der Hayden de Lancey that we are able to exhibit a number of both hung pictures and standing works in such a large and handsome space in a prestigious building central London. Certainly the cost of hiring a comparable gallery would be beyond the means of the MAS. The sales (7 during the week of the exhibition) are free of commission, so it is worth artists bearing this in mind when setting a realistic price on their work.

Divine Lake by Sushma Sabnis  Irises by Ni Yi  Head of Leon Gerlis by Michael Mars

69th Annual Exhibition 2013

The 69th Annual Exhibition was held from 15th to 20th July 2013 in the Atrium of the Royal Society of Medicine in Wimpole Street, London W1. The exhibition attracted 57 two-dimensional framed works, 12 three-dimensional works and 24 browsers.

The Baron's Prize for 2D work was awarded by Ken Howard OBE RA to Peter Clarkson for his watercolour Blue Door, Dordogne, and for 3D work the award was made by Guy Portelli RBA ARBS to Sally Joyston-Bechal for her soapstone carving Faces. The Patron's Prize was awarded by Tom Coates to new member Ailsa McKay for her two exquisite little portraits Aidan and Caroline.

Ken Howard judging pictures  Blue Door, Dordogne by Peter Clarkson  Exhibits at 2013 Exhibition

68th Annual Exhibition 2012

2012 Annual Exhibition Slideshow
This was again held in the Atrium of the Royal Society of Medicine and was well attended. There were 56 framed two-dimensional works, 11 three-dimensional works and 12 browsers exhibited.

The Baron's prizes were awarded by Mary Jackson to Feza Erkeller-Yuksel for her group of paintings and by Alexis Van El to John Wolfe for his bronze resin head Michael. Mary also admired Reg Howard's linocuts and Shirley Gumpel's beautiful flower studies. Alexis was most impressed by the quality of the three-dimensional work and was able to comment on the merits of each. The Patron's Prize was awarded by Tom Coates to Pat Mortimer for her painting June 2012 and the Hugh-Jones prize by consent of the judges to Peter Lavender for his painting The Anatomy Lesson.

You can view older Annual Exhibition reports by clicking here.

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